As a long-time admirer of the osprey, I appreciated your detailed and highly informative caption to the beautiful picture of an osprey catching a trout (Fish supper, 29 September). It was unfortunate, however, that you referred to the location as a “lake” near Aviemore, rather than a loch, when every schoolchild knows there is only one lake in Scotland (Lake of Menteith, near Aberfoyle), well to the south of the Cairngorms.
Phil Murray
Linlithgow, West Lothian

• Jonathan Jones (Review, 29 September) hails the painter Artemesia Gentileschi as “a forgotten genius”. Forgotten by whom? He must mean by male curators, scholars, artists, art historians, and journalists, as their female and feminist equivalents have been championing Gentileschi’s work since the 1970s.
Michele Roberts

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