Voters in the Farmington Public Schools district will choose several new school board members Nov. 3. The district has two six-year terms and one two-year term up for grabs.

School board members oversee the district and set overall policy. Superintendent Robert Herrera handles day-to-day operations and reports to the school board. Trustees are paid $30 per meeting.

Hometown Life sent each candidate a questionnaire regarding their candidacy and the district itself. Answers had a 75-word limit, and responses exceeding that limit were cut short. Meet the candidates for six-year term
Cheryl Blau, 58, is a teacher. Her education includes a doctorate in educational leadership, a master’s in education, a master’s in psychology and a bachelor’s in liberal arts education.Mable Fox, 67, works as an education consultant. She has a bachelor’s of political science from the University of Michigan-Dearborn as well as a master’s in education from the University of Phoenix.Steven Goldberg, 55, is the director of consumer transparency from Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan. His education includes a master’s of business administration from the University of North Carolina and a bachelor’s of finance from Michigan State University.

Richard Mukamal, 62, is the race’s only incumbent. He is semi-retired and holds a bachelor’s of social sciences from the Western University in Ontario.

Candidates David Ehrlich, Janet Ravitz Meir and Frank Raines did not respond by the given deadline.Why are you running for office?Blau: Parents, students, and teachers are frustrated by inaction on the part of our administration and board to address issues of racism, bias, and inequity that exist in our district. While the board recently adopted a collection of antiracism resolutions, this is not enough: what is the action plan and timeline for implementation? Additionally, our district must make changes to better accommodate the academic needs and foster the overall well-being of all our students.

Fox: I am running for Farmington Public School Board because I believe in “Students First! Every Child Deserve A Champion.” I want to serve my community by promoting accountability, transparency, and equity to raise the bar in education and creating a culture of excellence. All students should feel motivated to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment where student exceptionalism is at the heart of all instruction. Teacher development is promoted, parents and students’…

Goldberg: I believe that significant change is needed at the board to unlock the passion our educators bring and address the challenges we face. I’m volunteering so I can continue to devote my volunteer efforts to kids and help build the foundation we need as a school district to prosper now and over the long haul.

Mukamal: I am running to support our superintendent’s efforts to transform the culture of our district to ensure we sustain an environment of excellence for the 21st century, as follows: A: Add skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, and communication into our curriculum and assessments. B: Operate more efficiently and effectively as a large and complex organization. C: We need to sustain our efforts to ensure each person in our district feel welcome and valued.

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