It’s no secret that we need to stay healthy this winter. Luckily, Naturya have got your back with a new range of Functional Blends packed with superfoods which support Immunity, Energy and Cognition.The new range includes three organic blends which bring together the highest quality superfoods from around the world, which have been processed to maintain top nutritional value.Immunity blend is a combination of the best green superfoods such as Chlorella and Barleygrass and powdered vitamin C rich fruit to create a nourishing and immune-boosting blend to add to juice or smoothies.Energy blend combines zingy Baobab, Banana and Camu Camu with Ginger for a refreshing boost of energy. Perfect for adding to smoothies, porridge or yogurt.Cognition provides a healthy chocolate flavoured blend by mixing Maca, Cacao and Lucama with Date and Carob. Create a delicious chocolatey porridge or smoothie, whilst supporting an active mind and protecting against oxidative stress.
‘Make eating superfoods hassle-free’Martin Kemp, CEO and founder of Naturya told Vegan Food and Living, “Now more than ever, we’re all looking at ways to stay healthy. People understand that superfoods are good for them, but not everyone has the time to research what to eat, how much and how often.“This is why we’ve developed Naturya’s new Functional Blends for Immunity, Energy and Cognition; to make eating superfoods hassle-free.”
According to Dr. Swamy Sannaveerappa, a chief food scientist at Naturya, “When it comes to improving immunity, foods rich in vitamin C are a popular choice.“However, foods rich in other nutrients such as vitamin A, B6, B12 and D, and minerals like copper, iron, selenium and zinc, are also important in helping us to maintain a healthy immune system.“This is why we’ve blended top quality green superfoods, such as barleygrass and chlorella, with vitamin C rich fruits into our new Immunity Blend. Just one tablespoon of this mixed into your morning orange juice is so good for you.”

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