If you’re trying to make healthier choices, a salad for lunch might seem like a better option than a cheese sandwich, and definitely prefereable to a takeaway option.

But research conducted by Supplement Place has revealed that some options on the high street are worse for fat, calories and sugar than eating McDonald’s Big Mac.

Researchers conducted the study by scoring the levels of fibre, protein, saturated fat, sugar content and salt in menu options from popular high street chains, before taking a final average score.
They found that Zizzi’s Super Zucca Salad is the least healthy salad available because even though it’s not the most calorific, its high sugar content pushed it up the scale.

Meanwhile, Bill’s Chicken Caesar Salad packs in the most calories and has more calories, saturated fat and sugar than a Big Mac, while the Pizza Express’ Pollo Salad has the highest levels of saturated fat.

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