Sunshine the cat, who became a popular resident after being evicted in early September, has found a forever home.

After living at the Livingston Quarters Recycling Center for three years, she was forced to relocate. Many county residents stepped up and offered to give her a new home, however, William Swift her caretaker wanted to ensure it was the perfect fit before sending her off.

In a previous story, Swift explained, the recycling center has been the only home Sunshine has ever known. Swift, along with his coworker Tony Owens, saved Sunshine after they found her thrown in a box in the trash. Owens has since passed away and Swift has continued with her care until finding her a new home.

“She’s doing really good,” said Swift. “She is with a former student of mine and her family.”
The new owner has decided to remain anonymous so they are not inundated with calls about Sunshine.

“Sunshine is on a farm on the North Carolina east coast and is very happy,” said Swift. “Her new owner’s husband even built her a haystack to climb and play on.”

According to Swift, Sunshine has been at the farm for three weeks now and has adjusted well to her new life.

Due to Sunshine’s new owner wanting to remain anonymous, more information on Sunshine’s progress and new lifestyle was unable to be obtained.

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