WhatsApp is currently one of the most used cross-platform messaging services. The app is being used by youngsters as well as the elderlies across the globe. Even after having billions of users on board, the app is still vulnerable to various types of hacks. One of the common ones is the OTP hack or OTP scam. Here’s everything you need to know about the popular WhatsApp OTP scam.

What is the OTP scam?
When trying to set up WhatsApp on a smartphone, the app sends an OTP for verification to the user’s mobile. The user then needs to enter this OTP or one-time password on WhatsApp in order to verify themselves.
Hackers or scammers take advantage of this and tend to hack into people’s WhatsApp accounts. A hacker would freshly install WhatsApp on his phone and enter your number. He will call or message you to grab the OTP from you. If you end up giving the OTP to them, you will loose access from WhatsApp on your phone and he will gain the complete access instead.

Such kind of scam has been going on for quite some time now. The hacker can use your group chats to promote his product or service. He can even change your profile picture or add a status from your account.

How to avoid such a scam?
Such a scam only takes place when the user is careless enough to handover the OTP to the hacker. When asked for a OTP, politely refuse and head over to the cybercrime department about the attempt made by the hacker. Also, to be safer, you can also enable two-factor authentication on WhatsApp.

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