It’s been two days since the 18th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where Europe crowned France’s Valentina the winner. In Spain there’s been much discussion about how Soleá secured bronze, which many of her loyal fans think should have actually been gold.

In a press conference held on Sunday, Toñi Prieto — the Spanish broadcaster’s Entertainment Director — assessed Spain’s sixth participation in the contest. There was much to celebrate — from Soleá’s ease on stage to the joy the entire team had working with her. But when it came to alleged violations of playback rules and allegations of strategic voting, the tea got hot.The EBU to RTVE: “Everything is correct”
As Toñi Prieto confirms, the EBU told Spain that no playback was used at Junior Eurovision 2020. But after seeing rumours and comments from fans spreading across social media and even in newspapers, the Spanish team contacted the EBU to get an update. The EBU confirmed that everything was correct during the show and that the rumours had not been substantiated.

“Of course, our main worry was to ask the EBU what was going on across social media,” she said. “They denied absolutely all these allegations and said that all countries were submitted to all controls.”

Toñi continues: “The EBU is a big body, so Spain will not press them on this issue. We have to believe what they are telling us.”So what did the EBU rules and regulations cover this year? According to Toñi, the guidelines included specifications for the stage, green rooms and the performance.

However, RTVE said no supervision took place on-site when they were actually filming their performance in Spain. Spain simply sent the performance to the EBU to be checked, and the EBU confirmed everything looked correct. There doesn’t seem to be much clarity on how they checked each performance.

“What we did is what the EBU dictated that we do. Everyone got the same criteria with regards to stage design and green rooms. Some countries did it, some countries did not. But that’s a problem for the EBU and they should say if something is not right. That is why we prefer to participate [at an in-person event]. The same conditions will, and should, apply.”

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