With the increasing demand for highly engaging and entertaining means of education, being film and media literate is crucial. Film education continues to gain popularity in school, especially due to its ability to enhance literacy entertainment, aspire writing, and improve students’ behaviors.Many learners now receive and access education, entertainment, and essential information through still and moving images on screens of their:

This means that besides reading and writing, digital literacy is highly essential in the modern world. It is a critical skill in the 21st century that every student and teacher needs to communicate properly.

Also, film literacy plays an important role in communication and learning. Film literacy can be defined as the ability to consciously understand a film, the competence to watch as film critically and deeply analyze its content, and the ability to manipulate the film’s technical resources and language to create a production of moving images. The following phrases can be used to denote film education:Media education
Film literacy
Media literacy
When it comes to learning, film literacy helps students understand the meaning of the movie, motivates them to watch movies from multiple sources, and encourages them to develop their films. That way, scholars get the right motivation to look for and attain cultural literacy. This enables them to “read” the movies they view daily and “write” theirs for others to watch too.

With the establishment of state-of-the-art theaters, students can also get a chance to interact with others as they converge to learn more about literature, history, or religion-based studies. Fortunately, watching movies is fun, and it doesn’t leave viewers fatigued. Therefore, it can inspire students to learn through imagery, dialogue, and sound effects present in the film.Benefits of Film Education
Besides being an essential component in today’s world, film literacy offers multiple benefits in schools and classrooms. In other words, it makes the tutoring process fun and life-like through:Improved Visualization
At times, learning through books can be challenging, especially in subjects where imagery is highly needed. For instance, when teaching geography, the world map might be easily understood when on a 3D model compared to the same being on a book page.

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