Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, PCOD, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and hypertension are on the rise in India. According to the GoQii India Fit India 2020 report, about 70 million people are struggling with diabetes mellitus. Apart from this, 51.7 percent of diabetes patients have cholesterol, leading to heart diseases, and around 13.4 percent of them suffer from high blood pressure. After getting diagnosed with diabetes, Vivek Subramanyam realised that no amount of medicines and increased dosages were helping him in maintaining his blood sugar levels. After extensive research, he understood that medicines and other interventions mostly focus on managing the symptoms and not the core illness. He realised that lifestyle choices and incorrect metabolism are the major reasons behind such diseases, and one needs to maintain a good lifestyle to overcome such health problems. In 2018, Vivek launched AltLife to help people maintain their well being and beat the diseases. Later, Kartik Sarwade, Monika Manchanda, Naren Santhanam and Purushotham Govindarajan, who are also victims of lifestyle diseases, joined as co-founders. This Bengaluru-based healthtech company provides patients with a tech platform to connect with doctors and nutritionists in order to get expert consultations on food, fitness, mental well-being and medical diagnosis. The company also has a team of in-house chefs who make and supply food made with organic produce. The platform connects the patients with trainers who help them with regular exercises and meditation to maintain their body weight and mental health. Speaking with YourStory, Vivek says, “I learnt that the root cause for these diseases are an imbalanced metabolism, unhealthy cells that are not functioning to their potential, and weakening of the body’s immunity and other defence mechanisms. It became clear that over time, based on various lifestyle choices we make, these become worse leading to diabetes, hypertension or any other lifestyle condition. At AltLife, we have put in a lot of effort and designed technology, processes, and interventions that make the experience convenient for people to sustain the journey.”

Journey to a healthier lifestyle Vivek explains that the solutions are designed to be engaging and enjoyable for the patients to help them continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Patients can connect with AltLife via the official website or phone number and subscribe to their weekly trial, 30-days or 90-days plan. Then the startup will help them connect with nutritionists and doctors to get a thorough test and diagnosis of their diseases. Patients will be sent organic and therapeutic meals every day, and will have to participate in daily exercises and meditation sessions organised by the experts. Healthcare workers will also test and monitor their health using the mobile app and guide them in maintaining a healthy life. According to the CEO, the flagship 90-day Health Restore Program helps people fight their disorders through solutions including therapeutic food delivery, exercise or yoga, meditation classes, periodic diagnostics, and expert consultations. The 30-days programme is aimed at preventing diseases by focusing on gut health and immunity revival.

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