I am sorry, but I have to say to all you teachers and other educational professionals, our public education system has failed several generations of students. It doesn’t take more than a solid high school science education to understand what’s happening in this country around the COVID-19 pandemic we are experiencing right now. It’s simple. There’s a virus amongst us. It doesn’t matter where it came from. It doesn’t matter who screwed up. We all need to take responsibility for doing what we can to help limit the spread. It’s not political. There is no hoax. It’s science, stupid! There is a virus, related to many others we’ve dealt with before, that is killing us. Especially us older folks. So, do me and yourself a favor, wear a mask, social distance, wash your virus contaminated hands. And, educators, demand that our schools start teaching kids how to think not what to think to pass a standardized test and result in more money for your school system.

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