India will soon be able to manufacture lithium-ion batteries and will not be dependent on China for importing the key component used in electric vehicles as the government accords “top priority” to pushing e-mobility, Union Minister Anant Geete said. According to the latest figures of the Commerce of Ministry, India’s imports from China decreased slightly in FY 2020 compared to FY 2019.

In order to reduce the dependency on imports of battery components, India needs to achieve a similar level of performance at the battery pack level, apart from just manufacture the battery cells. Start-ups are assisting in India’s path towards ‘Atma Nirbharta’ reducing dependency on China.

Here are the start-ups who are supporting Atmanirbhar Bharat concept:


Aqueouss is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of a wide array of best quality Li-Ion Battery and Life P04 Battery. Currently providing customised Lithium Battery pack solution in the market. They have been providing Lithium-ion and LiFePo4 Battery packs in the market for E-Vehicles, Solar Energy, Consumer Electronics and Railway and Defence Equipments. They are also working on developing some parts which are integral for the functioning of lithium batteries in-house in India to reduce our dependency on China.

Inverted Energy

With the ambition of making India energy efficient a group of IIT engineers founded Inverted Energy in 2017. In just three years this ambition became India’s second largest Lithium battery companies. Today we are a team of engineers, scientists and energy researchers dedicated to disrupting the energy storage sector. Inverted Energy on Wednesday announced the opening of its lithium battery manufacturing facility here. The company has extended its journey towards Atmanirbhar Bharat and to create a flexible, cost-effective and optimised market space aiming to reduce dependency (for batteries) on China.

Lohum Cleantech Private Limited

Established in the year 2018, “Lohum Cleantech Private Limited” is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of Lithium-ion batteries, power banks, Lithium-Ion cells and Lithium-Ion battery charger. Located in Noida, the firm designs and manufactures Lithium-ion batteries, re-manufacture and re-purpose used battery packs and recycles geostrategic battery materials such as Lithium, Cobalt and Graphite. Their goal is to create technology that makes battery power sources cheaper and last longer in every part of the globe.


Founded in 2018, Grinntech works on Lithium-ion cells to pack technology and supplies Li-ion battery packs for multiple EV applications. The firn is an investor-backed, growth phase start-up, leading on all fronts of battery design for EV applications. They work closely with leading worldwide companies, bringing cutting-edge technology in semiconductor, materials, and manufacturing techniques, etc. The startup expertise in the subject matter has been acknowledged by big OEMs and it is working with many of them for their upcoming EVs. The technology is indigenously developed and helps cater to the application-specific needs of the Indian EV industry. They are based out of IIT Madras Research Park.

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