Whenever you ask a local for a recommendation for food or entertainment, it’s a question typically followed up with, “Well, what are you in the mood for?” Finding a great restaurant or something fun to do with family can be overwhelming; which is where Ben Johnson and Ethan Wells come in.

They launched a new app they consider to be a one-stop shop for everything Portland, and its surrounding towns and cities. It’s called: The Local 207 (iOS | Google Play). “In brief, the app is meant to serve as a tool for locals and visitors of Portland to explore only the best food, drink, and entertainment in Portland,” Wells explains. However – the app also covers towns and cities outside of Portland, including Freeport.
One of the more impressive features of the app is how things are categorized. Search words like, “dog friendly,” “take-out cocktails,” or “outdoor seating,” help you filter down exactly what you’re looking for. Wells and Johnson launched the new app in the fall, highlighting new venues that had opened during the pandemic, along with restaurants and venues that were doing creative things to keep their doors open through COVID-19 restrictions.

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