A year of challenges has ended and the year of hopes has begun. Unlike any other new year, 2021 is witnessing the better version of each one of us. We have grown through the learning curve and we have braved many small to big battles.

Now we know that health and immunity can no longer be ignored. I am happy to share, with each webinar on Millets that I conducted in 2020, I could foresee the level of awareness only going up. The audience now is all ears and eyes to foods that work on boosting immunity. With priorities set right, it is not hard to convince my audience that millets are for everyone and one doesn’t have to be gluten intolerant or sensitive to start their. millets journey.

I am starting my next online 5 days millets workshop from January 10. It is a six weeks journey with self-paced learning. I have only seen my students reversing their lifestyle disorders with the right cooking techniques and the most creative improvisations of the recipes. You can reach out to my Instagram highlights to check a lot more food pictures.But before that, here is to a healthy and sweet 2021. It’s a sourdough discard brownie made with Sorghum flour milled at home. My daughter enjoys this for the love of cocoa and we like it for the walnuts and goodness of Sorghum (Jowar). Read more for the step by step recipe and give a sweet start to your first Sunday of 2021.

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