Take in a deep breath, it’s officially 2021. Can you believe we can actually say that now? Here’s to a healthier, happier, and hopefully, more relaxed you.

To help you set your intentions for the year ahead, we asked six registered dietitians located all across the U.S. to share some tips on how you can employ healthy eating habits right now.Below, you will see nine such suggestions and after, be sure to read the The 7 Healthiest Foods to Eat Right Now.
1 Say “no” to fad diets
“Especially as New Year’s resolutions are underway, many often turn to fad and restrictive diets as a method to quickly see the results they desire. However, restriction often leads to bingeing, followed-by a continued restrict-binge cycle, leading to feelings of guilt. Research shows that calorie deprivation can put extra stress on the body. This year, try substituting intuitive eating and mindfulness for restriction. Focusing less on counting every calorie and more on your natural hunger and fullness cues will help you be more in-tune with your body and feel less out of control with food.”
2 Make your plate colorful…and balanced!
“Try to fill half of your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables, one-quarter of your plate with whole grains (bread, pasta, rice), and one-quarter of your plate with protein (chicken, fish, eggs, beans).”
3 Choose one meal where no screens are involved
“Pick one meal a day to have without with screens. Eating in front of cell phones, TVs, and computers prevent us from fully savoring our meals. The distraction can cause you to overeat or disrupt the pace of your eating thus disrupting digestion.”

— Sydney Greene, MS, RD

“We live in such a fast paced, go go go society. Try using one meal a day to relax and slow down and limit distractions like your phone, computer, and TV.”
4 Strive to appreciate food by taking the time to savor it
“Practice making a deeper connection with the food that’s in front of you and try engaging all your senses as you eat. This year, work toward building a confident and healthy relationship with food.”
5 Introduce more sugar swaps
“Everyone talks about cutting sugar out of your diet, but that’s deprivation and sets you up to fail. The better way is to do sugar swaps, meaning replace traditional sweets with options that have less sugar, but still tons of enjoyment.”

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